Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


When you think you want to complain about the high cost of living in the US consider this:
Gasoline when converted from liters to gallons is $6.45 per gal.
2 hamburgers, fries and two non alcoholic drinks $41.00
In a grocery store a liter of coke lite is $1.90, but if you get a small bottle of the same in a restaurant it will cost $4.40. Most of our evening meals have averaged $30 each. We do have a nice breakfast included in our hotel price and we have been getting pastry around lunch time.
Still having said that, I am glad we came and I would do it again.
We walked the town tonight before stopping for dinner. We walked to Staubbach Falls not far from the hotel.

Sculpture made of rocks

Lauterbrunnen cemetery

Outdoor seating to keep your tush warm


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