Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My last days in NC

Yesterday we went to the Hendersonville Apple Festival. They had plenty of apples to buy and yummy apple: fritters, pies, slushies, but we missed out on the homemade apple ice cream as the booth was not set up when we were walking around. They close down the central street to all traffic and booths are set up all the way on both sides.

I like seeing the pottery and wood craft. Such talented people. This man used fallen tree branches to carve into fish, turtles and birds. He left some of the wood natural so that you could see how it was carved. The natural wood almost looked like driftwood. He also made the neat chairs with the top being a bear head and bottom the bears feet.

We also stopped at a place called the "Opportunity House" where they were also having a craft show. One woman had taken old ties and folded them and sewed them in such a way as to make eyeglass cases and change purses. Very cool. Another woman made bird baths and garden sculpture from the leaves of her backyard trees to make the molds using concrete. The leaves were HUGE! She then painted them in iridescent colors. Some of the pieces were already attached to copper pipes, some you could lay on the ground in your garden.