Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bath England

We stayed in a old hotel on the Avon River that used to be a flour mill.  The wheel was not turning and it didn't look like it had in many years.  These old places have very steep steps, rarely as in never, elevators and radiator heating.  I have never operated one and think I may have over did it.  It got so hot that I left a window open all night long.  The great thing about this hotel was how close it was to Bath.  

This is taken from a bridge over the river.  This was the only toll bridge I saw and it dates back to when horses and carriages went across.  It apparently cuts out the rush hour traffic for people living on the other side of the river and is worth the 70 pence char

I got up every morning about 7:30.  Getting an early start beats the tour buses to the sites you want to see.  Parking is easier to find also.  Again, Mike's GPS helped us find public parking close to the areas we wanted to see.   Mike has some great pictures on his blog.  I did not take many pictures this time as I have been here before.  The biggest sites in Bath are of course, the Roman Baths and Bath Abby.  


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